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Drying is a common process step during production of solid products in different industries, from chemical processing to food & beverage. It’s normally required after a  solid – liquid separation step to remove residual solvent from the solid to satisfy product quality specifications, from toxicity to stability over time and easier handling.

Despite a wide range of products and applications, some requirements are common to different industries:

  • Process efficiency
  • Process reliability
  • No contamination

Product containment is also relevant, especially in case of production of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) or still more in case of HP-APIs (High Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients).

    Dryers play a relevant role in that such applications  and especially some elements are to be considered essential: 

    • Efficient and reproducible heat transfer
    • Effective and reliable mixing systems
    • Possibility to operate under vacuum 
    • Corrosion resistant materials
    • Cleaning in place 
    We provide agitated vacuum dryers satisfying the above requirements and also thin film dryers if a very high evaporation rate is necessary or if highly fouling products have to be processed.

    Drying can be combined with filtration in a single unit, for even higher efficiency and product containment, as ensured by our pressure filter-dryers.

    Operating into thermal and mechanical separation market, under the Cogeim and Mabo brand, since 1976 we provided more than 1.000 dryers and filter-dryers to different industries:

    • Food 
    • Agrochemicals
    • Recovery of used materials
    • Fragrances
    • Flavours
    • Biochemicals
    • Polymers
    • Precious metals

    Integration is not limited to filtration and drying but can be extended to the full process from reaction up to dry powdered final product.

    Evaporated solvents can also be recovered and, if required, purified before reuse.


    Because no two products behave alike, to identify the most appropriate drying solution we rely on our R&D centre equipped with pilot units: tests are run on samples provided by customer in order to study product behaviour , define the right process parameters to achieve the final target moisture,  to optimize drying rate and time and support scale-up calculations. 

    Process validation and reliability verification tests can also be run at customer premises using rental pilot units: field assistance during tests is available on request.

    Different physical and chemical parameters cans also be determined, including solid content, density , initial and residual moisture.

    From testing to engineering and plant design, a dedicated team of scientists and engineers assist and support our customers, progressing together step by step.

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