Environmental Processes

Waste Water Treatment.

Water value is indispensabile for all human activities, from human health and well being to industrial processes where it plays a vital role, whether in pharma, chemical processing, food and beverage or refineries. 

A growing population and a continually expanding industrial sector make water treatment more and more critical: our progress depends on how we will use, treat and manage it, more and more, year by year. For that reason from more than …. 3V is committed to treat industrial effluents to reduce their contamination, helping industries to comply with regulation and to potentially increase water reuse or chemicals recovery.


Our core technologies

We have expertise in treating water containing different kind of contaminants, organic and inorganic, thank to our ability to combine different processes and technologies, from solid removal to oxidation, and leveraging on our core technologies: thermal treatments and wet oxidation.

Dissolved solids, as salts, but also metals, solvents and other organics can be efficiently removed by waste water through different thermal treatment as evaporation and crystallization. Depending on the waste stream composition thermal treatment can be combined with biological treatment in order to discharge water into surface or seawage. 

  • Solvents, if present, can be removed and recycled back to the production process.
  • In specific cases water can also be recycled back as per ZLD (zero liquid discharge) applications.
  • Depending on waste water quality salts may be cristallyzed and recycled after purification, e.g to use sodium chlorides as deicing agent on road.
    • Other contaminants can also be removed by stripping, as in case of ammonia when present in high concentration. Ammonia can also be recovered as ammonia sulphate.
    • The usage of TFE evaporators limit the need to remove suspended solids in a wide range of applications, if necessary a chemical physical treatment can be designed. 

    Hundreds of different contaminants

    For complex to treat waste water containing organic contaminants, difficult to be oxidized by biological treatment or other oxidation methods and having high COD content (10,000-150,000 ppm), hydrothermal process, based on wet air oxidation, is the key solution. It works on both dissolved or suspended solids.

    We checked process efficacy on hundreds of different contaminants present in spent caustic water or other industrial wastewater, from pesticide to pharmaceutical and chemical wastewater: sulfur compounds (e.g.  mercaptans, sulfides, thiosulfate), naphthenic acid, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, MEA, MDEA, phenol, cyanides, PFOA, antibiotics, pesticides, surfactants.

    Typically wet oxidation is coupled with biological treatment for effluent polishing and can be combined with stripping in case of high solvent content or relevant nitrogen contamination. 
    The broad range of industrial processes make broad the wastewater composition and, easy or difficult to treat, each water requires a custom process and a tailormade plant design.

    To help our customer in choosing the right process solution we support them with testing activities, run at our R&D laboratories, in order to define and verify process steps efficacy respect to the specific waste water to be treated and the final result to be achieved. 

    In all process development stages, from testing to engineering and plant design, a dedicated team of scientist and engineers assist and support our customers, progressing together step by step.


    Waste water treatment at our plant?

    For industrial plants having the need to treat wastewater but do not want to invest in a water treatment plant, we offer a collection and outside service of wastewater treatment operated by our sister company 3V Green Eagle.

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