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Salt Plants NaCl.

High Purity Technical Salt also called Vacuum Salt is considered as a major feedstock to inorganic chlor-alkali industry.

3V TECH as a includes a raw brine treatment and make up level of sulphate and bivalent ions (Ca, Mg) to improve performance of saltwork. Optimizing technical salt purity, minimize purge, energy consumption, maintenance downtimes leading to extended refinery lifetime.  

3V TECH has ability to design and deliver various configuration of salt refineries using available source of energy: Mechanical Vapour Recompression (MVR) reducing carbon footprint and cooling water consumption, Multiple Effect Evaporation robust concept frequently utilizing steam produced by nearby cogeneration power plant, Thermal Vapour Recompression to improve steam economy.  

3V TECH has ability to work with depleted brine and to re-saturate it by means of Falling Film Evaporation. Or process sulfate rich reject into pure components: NaCl and Na2SO4.  

3V TECH and its environmental branch Greeneagle have ability to purify condensate up to RO quality. This makes 3V TECH very active in field of salty effluents focused to recover salts and water as reusable materials: Municipal Incineration Plants, Leaching of Incinerated Ashes, Cement Dust Leachate, Soda Ash Effluents, Produced Waters of High Salinity, Sulfate Rich Effluents from chloralkali plants etc.   

The global market of high grade salt is around 1.8 billion €/year.

What 3V Tech offers

  • Engineering
  • Key Equipment Fabrication
  • Skid approach up to evaporation rates 25TPH
  • Automation
  • Revamp

Plant concept options

Depends on brine composition, various combination of plant sections are to be combined for optimal result. Sections includes following:

  • Evaporation: Mechanical Vapor Recompression, Thermal Vapour Recompression, TVR, Falling Film Evaporation, Flashing Evaporation
  • Crystallization:  Evaporative, Cooling Crystallization, Vacuum Cooling Crystallization
  • Heat recovery and condensate handling
  • Brine chemical treatment and degassing
  • Solid-liquid separation:  Settling, Fluidization and Centrifugation
  • Drying and Screening
  • Packing and Storing
  • ZLD solution to process purge to solid mass

Main auxiliaries needed that we normally do not include:

utilities such as steam, cooling water instrumentation air, storage tanks, civil works, local environmental permission, sewage system and effluent handling

Added value of 3V Tech

  • Plant Lifetime Expectancy 
  • Higher Degree of Automation including remote access of plant
  • Complex solution from single source, progressing by deep knowledge of various processes.

Why 3V Tech offering should be chosen

  • First quality product
  • Engineering and procurement
  • Key equipment fabrication under strict quality contro
  • Fully automated plant with remote access to operations
  • ZLD concept, no effluents or hazardous gasses emissions
  • Orientation on clients and aftersales support

Integration with other technologies

  • Downstream plant of chlorine and caustic soda production (chlor-alkali plants)
  • Sulfate 
- SABIC Depleted Brine Concentrator: Fully Preassembled 
- MVR Plant
SOLVAY Rosignano: Quadruple Effect Evaporator/Crystallizer

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