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Precious Metals Refining and Recovery.

Recovery and refining of precious metals such as gold, platinum, palladium, lithium is now considered as a strategical activity for circular and sustainable economy.

Considering huge environmental impact originating from mining metal extraction, heavy energy consumption and massive scrapes generation in rock processing, precious metals recovery and refining is taking a key aspect in this sector.

Precious and noble metals are widely used in different domains of applications as catalysts, electronic devices, batteries: recovery and refining are now an essential step in the whole product life cycle.

One of the most used technique for recovery and refining is represented by hydrometallurgy: 

  • metal that must be recovered is extracted from scrapes by solubilization under adequate solvent (most of the time water plus corrosive media as hydrochloric, sulphuric, nitric acid). Main process is divided in three different steps: first metal is melted in the solvent stream creating a slurry which is then filtered and reconcentrated; finally, as last part of the process, metal is reduced and then recovered from the solution.

Chemical attack and extraction process are realized under heavily aggressive agents which requires a massive use of anticorrosive process equipment.

3V Tech has developed among the years a wide experience in the design and fabrication of anticorrosion pressure vessels (agitated reactors in glass lined carbon steel and silicon carbide tubular heat exchangers and glass lined tubesheets) and delivered many equipment for this industry.

Now thanks to the cooperation with experienced technicians coming from the precious metals business, 3V Tech is now skillful to supply a complete reaction line with modular and skid units made by the reactor, vapor line, condenser, scrubber, piping, valves & fittings; everything is fully pre-assembled in 3V Tech premises and it is delivered in a full skid with supporting structure, a walk-in platform, access ladders. On top of that, 3V has specialized engineering competence to design ancillaries’ equipment such as thermal control unit, automation package for the full control of the package.

All materials used by 3V Tech are suitable for aggressive and high performances environment and represent state of the art for anticorrosive materials for process equipment: carbon steel glass lined, silicon carbide, carbon steel PTFE or PFA lined, borosilicate glass, polypropylene, anticorrosive painting or other special materials for equipment insulation.

Please find an example of 3 modular reaction packages recently delivered to a precious metal refining company on the 3D layout here below.


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