Reaction Plants

Ferric Chloride Plants.

3V TECH technology for Ferric Chloride production is based on 3V TECH glass-lined reactors, high performance equipment for process requirements. Ferric Chloride can be obtained from different raw materials: Ferrous Oxide, Ferric Oxide and Iron Scraps.Ferric Chloride 40% from Ferrous Oxide, scales from rolling-mil process, is obtained through attack with 32% HCl followed by chlorination that assure complete conversion to Ferric Chloride.Ferric Chloride 40% from Ferric Oxide, by-product of steel mills, is obtained by simple reaction with 32% HCl.Ferric Chloride 40% from Iron Scraps is obtained by attack of ferric chloride with iron into a dissolution vessel. The  resulting ferrous chloride solution is filtered and oxidized to ferric chloride in the chlorination section by chlorine gas.

Where it is installed/applied?

Ferric Chloride 40% solution is used as a flocculant in sewage treatment and drinking water production. When small quantities of ferric chloride are added to the raw water, iron(III) hydroxide precipitates and adsorbs finely divided solids and colloids.

What 3V Tech offers

  • Own Engineering Team
  • Key Equipment Fabrication with patented liner receipt 
  • Complete Plant Assembly 
  • Automnation
  • Orientation on Clients and Aftersales Support

Plant concept options:

The plant can be design to operate with all kind of raw materials previously  mentioned.Depending on raw materials, different sections and reactors are adopted.

Main performance parameters:

Target is to obtain a solution with  Fe2Cl3 : 40 ± 0,5% Fe 3+ content : 13,78 ± 0,01%Fe 2+ content : 0,30 ± 0,1%

Main equipment description

Ferric Chloride plant normally consist of following sections:

  1.  Feedstock storage, transport and dosage
  2. Reaction section (different on raw material) 
  3. Filtration and intermediate storage
  4. Chlorination 
  5. Storage and filling station of product

Main auxiliaries needed that we normally do not include:

Utilities such as steam, cooling water, instrumentation air, storage tanks, civil works, local environmental permission, sewage system and sludge handling

Integration with other technologies

Downstream plant of hydrochloric and chlorine production plants

Added value of 3V Tech

  • Own glasscoat production with patented durable liners
  • Repeated orders
  • Strong aftersales team
  • R&D specialists
  • Completely preassembled plants save customers of local efforts and delays, well suitable to remote locations or green field projects.

Why 3V Tech offering should be chosen

  • Own Engineering & Procurement
  • Own Know-how
  • Own Fabrication
  • Own Assembly
  • Own Commissioning Team 
  • All from one hand

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