Reaction Plants

Calcium Chloride.

3V TECH provides the optimized solution for your calcium chloride plant. Conventionally the process starts with reaction between hydrochloric acid and crushed limestone of higher purity to provide 36% liquid solution. Solution may be further evaporated and dried either as flakes or granulate.

Where it is installed/applied?

Calcium Chloride is frequently used as oil and gas drilling fluid, de-icing chemicals, road dedusting materials, as food additive (high purity) and paper additive (without colorants). Calcium Chloride Plants frequently converts excessive HCl of chlor-alkali plants to a high purity Calcium Chloride. Ultimate advantage is a long shelf storage time for chlorine. Potassium Production by Mannheim Process has the same motivation for excess of HCl produced.Other sources of weaker Calcium Chloride brine are Soda Ash Production (Solway Process) or processing of Phosphate Rocks typically providing a weak brine with NaCl and CaCl2 content in a range 10-20%. Environmental sources of Calcium Chloride are produced waters from oil and gas extraction, or leachates with high content of Calcium Chloride.  The global market is around 1.3 billion €.

What 3V Tech offers

  • First quality product
  • Engineering and procurement
  • Key equipment fabrication under strict quality control
  • Fully automated plant with remote access to operations
  • ZLD concept, no effluents or hazardous gasses emissions
  • Orientation on clients and aftersales support

Plant concept options

Reaction and Neutralization Plant Producing  36% Liquid Calcium Chloride Solution  includes reaction and neutralization of excessive hydrochloric acid to react with limestone to produce 36 % calcium chloride solution which can be chemically treated for heavy metals and magnesium.  

Evaporation and Selective Crystallization Plant. For less concentrated salty brines with significant content of Calcium Chloride (as a rule more than 10% TDS may be considered as significantly enriched water) one can use evaporative crystallization to recover variously soluble salts from Calcium Chloride concentrate of 36% (typical recoverable KCl, NaCl).  

Flakes Plant at around 75-78%  Calcium Chloride. The solution is concentrated to very high concentration and send to flaker.  Flakes are dried on surface, screened and bagged as per clients request. 

Granulate or Prilling Plant producing 94-97% Calcium Chloride. Solution is concentrated and then spray atomized into granulator or prilling tower to form nearly anhydrous aggregates of typical size 1-4mm. performed in isolated rector and chlorination can be done in dedicated standalone reactor allowing substantial elimination of NaCl from production of calcium hypochlorite

Main performance parameters

  • Eliminated contamination through high quality equipment
  • High overall efficiency
  • Low effluent production
  • ZLD concept

Main equipment description

Calcium Hypochlorite plant is composed of the following sections:

  1. Neutralization and Reaction Plant
  2. Evaporation Plant to Minimize Energy Consumptions
  3. Flaking or Granulation followed by
  4. Drying, Screening
  5. Weighting, Packing, Storing
  6. Effluent Recovery ZLD

Main auxiliaries needed that we normally do not include:

utilities such as steam, cooling water, chilled water, natural gas, instrumentation air, storage tanks, civil works, local environmental permission, sewage system and sludge handling

Added value of 3V Tech

  • Integrated know how of reactors producing calcium chloride, evaporative crystallizers to recover NaCl as by-product and concentrators to concentrate calcium chloride to grade preferred by client.
  • Own inhouse production of evaporators, crystallizers and reactors
  • Strong aftersales team, R&D support.
  • Completely preassembled plants
  • Reduced local efforts and delays on customer side

Why 3V Tech offering should be chosen

  • Own Engineering & Procurement
  • Own Knowhow
  • Own Fabrication
  • Own Assembly
  • Own Commissioning Team 

Integration with other technologies

Calcium Chloride Plant is frequently integral part of chloralkali plants as ultimate shelf storage of produced chlorineDepleted Brine Circuit of Chloralkali Plant to take back high purity NaCl recovered from Calcium Chloride concentrate 


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