Filtration & Drying Systems

Chemicals Filtration, Drying Package.

The large 12,000 sqm facility located in Dalmine, Italy is provided with all necessary infrastructure to manufacture in house the medium and large size equipment required by the fine chemical industry. 

Fine chemicals

Fine chemicals are in demand in various fields of application. They can be summarized as follows:

  • agrochemicals 
  • fertilizers
  • paints, inks
  • adhesives, sealants 
  • ceramics, metal oxydes
  • cosmetics
  • plastics, resins

Many of these products are normally marketed in dry powder form. This form allows improvement of various basic properties of the finished product such as durability, stability, safety, fluidity, ease of dosage.  Dry powders can be obtained using several different methods and 3V TECH is able to support users  with highly performing solutions both in terms of final product quality and productivity.

To obtain a slurry, most fine chemistry processes start in  a reactor where  chemical synthesis reaction or precipitation occurs. 

Filter - Dryers

The slurry must then be isolated and is subsequently subjected to a combination of purification and solvent displacement steps. Dry powder is then obtained through the use vacuum drying.

One of the main benefits of filter - dryers is to perform several unitary process operations in a single equipment, thus minimizing the exposure of operators to the product, the exposure of the product to the environment and product yield. Furthermore installation and space costs are minimized thanks to the reduction in the number of equipment required.


When there are reasons to perform the solid – liquid separation step with a centrifuge, 3V TECH can offer  different types of vacuum dryers, each model providing specific benefits to the user.

The majority of fine chemical products require very high purity and are generally temperature sensitive, which results in the need to use vacuum drying.

3V TECH vacuum dryers are specifically designed to maximize final product quality, equipment throughput and reliability. 

Pilot tests

When it comes to ensuring equipment performance 3V TECH can support end users with a full fleet of pilot size equipment. In case of specific limitations related to product transportation or confidentiality, pilot units are shipped and tests are performed at the end user's site. Alternatively, customers can take advantage of the 3V TECH state-of-the-art pilot plant where tests are carried out by specialized personnel and under the supervision of the end user. 

Skid Mounted Units

3V TECH equipment performance strictly depends on auxiliary units such as :

  • Vacuum systems
  • Heating & Cooling systems
  • Containment systems 
  • Automation systems

The 3V TECH engineering department, provided with over 50 specialists in all required subjects (process, mechanical, electrical, piping & instrumentation, automation, civil) and the project management department, with a team of experienced professionals, are able to execute up to multimillion-dollar projects complying with customer requirements as well as local regulations. 

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