We manufacture glass lined reactors according to the DIN, BN and ASME standards.

Type AE up to 6300 L, Type BE from 800 L to 32000 L, Type CE from 1600 L up to 32000 L.

Our reactors are glass lined with premium highly acid corrosion resistant glass G2208, available in blue, light blue, white and TransLucent (100% metal free) for HAPI and heavy chemical duty.

 BE type reactors are equipped with PressLock radial and axial stirrers, solutions available for high viscosity, multi-purpose API reactors, gas dispersion, solid suspension and high turbulence. 

3V Tech offers reactors for hydrogenation, cryogenic reactions and reactors for installation in clean room.Full range of probes available for temperature, pH, level measurement and sampling.

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